On self-filtering spam emails

Hi friends!

Since last week, I’m noticing a few more spam emails than usual in my inboxes… around three every day. The outstanding feature on this emails is that they use custom fonts in the subject line, so it’s easier and quicker for me to recognize them as spam and delete them without even reading the subject line or sender.

I was kind of surprised: Did they just invent self-filtering spam?!?

After googling that phenomenon, I learned that the custom fonts are probably meant to distract regular spam filters that work based on key words, so more of those email come through to the user. Since they are that easy to recognize as spam, it wouldn’t make much economical sense for a spam-sender to switch from regular spam to custom font spam; but since sending mass email is probably near to free, they of course can send both kinds of spam and still hope to increase their return on invest by a bit (whatever that return may be – I’m not yet sure about a spammers busines model).

By the way: According to that google search, people started noticing that kind of spam around a year ago. I’m seeing that for the first time now… is Germany a year behind even in receiving malware and viruses?

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