On blogging

Hi, friends!

My next pet project will be to learn PHP. I’m planning to create some real-world web application, similar to what I routinely build with my favorite technology stack (Spring Boot, Kotlin, Angular), and explore on the fly how to do that in today’s PHP ecosystem. That includes a bunch of initial reading, probably picking some libraries and so on, figuring out test automation and of course writing lots of code.

(Before you go “waht? php??”: I’ll tell you about the reason later.)

While still waiting for the opportunity to start that, last week I thought: “Oh, I could blog about that!” The project will probably be stretched over a couple of months, because my job, family and studies don’t leave me a lot of spare time to work on it. That’s why blogging about each step would do a great job of documenting my learnings and decisions for myself, so I could quickly get going again even after a break of some weeks.

Also, I could both pave the way for others who want to learn the same later, and expose my approach for feedback from more experienced PHP devolopers.

Now, it will probably take a while until I get to start with the PHP project: That plan is already in my mind for two months now, and I haven’t started yet – too many things keep popping up, each more urgent than (kind of randomly) learning another programming language.

I still like the idea of blogging though. So since things keep popping up, as I say, and most of them are related to career and technology – why not write about them, too?

My special thanks for inspiring me to start blogging goes to Markus, who blogs about his progress on his masters degree (the same remote course I take), and to Oleksii, a fellow software developer and great coach whom I had the pleasure to work with for a while. He writes about my favorite programming language Kotlin.

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